Facemadics Faces of Future

Facemadics art dares to be different. Creative freedom can uplift the oppressed across the globe, beginning here in Pittsburgh. Here we show reverence to the past and visually capture today’s brave young voice that paves the path to empowerment.



Jabari Mason, aka Diamond Axe, began Facemadics in 2005 after exploring black and white, hand-drawn faces inspired by the masked heroes in his favorite childhood cartoons. In school, traditional face masks from New Delhi tribe inspired more creative ideas with new color combinations, meanings, and shapes that can be seen in his Faces of the Future prints and notecards.

Free Offer Just For You

Facemadics Are you tired of the lack color & creativity?                           FREE OFFER be tired no more FACEMADICS brings to you bold colorful creative Innovative fine contemporary art in a format that is Affordable for a variety of products such as greeting cards stickers…

Me and my Laptop: A Love Story

Me and my Laptop: A Love Story This is where the second part of why my research is important, at least to me, comes in.  Back in the old days, computer science and biological science were separate fields with little in common.  Of course, that’s drastically changed with the shifts that biological science has taken…