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Jabari Mason, aka Diamond Axe, began Facemadics in 2005 after exploring black and white, hand-drawn faces inspired by the masked heroes in his favorite childhood cartoons. In school, traditional face masks from New Delhi tribe inspired more creative ideas with new color combinations, meanings, and shapes that can be seen in his Faces of the Future prints and notecards.

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Facemadics exists to create and sell unique stationery, photographs, and hand-made prints by Western Pennsylvania artist, Jabari (Stanley) Mason. Jabari’s  art shares messages of a generational outlook, and strives to show reverence to a cultural past. He explores his ideas using bold colors in cut paper collage, acrylic paints, marker strokes, and photo editing technology.    http://www.facemadics.com/product-category/faces-of-future/

The Faces of Facemadics


Facemadics offers impressions of a new-age graphic style, precedent and truthful voice of today’s brave generation.



Long Reads


The plane has been missing for 86 hours and 29 minutes and I have no idea when I’ll see my sister again.

I told her to stay put until I could make time to see her but she’s never been patient. And now I feel guilty as hell because if I had just visited her when she asked me to last week, she wouldn’t have just disappeared. My parents tell me that it isn’t my fault that Sonali went missing but my decision to postpone visiting her led to her deciding to visit me.

I haven’t told any of my friends or coworkers. My parents are telling everyone they know but I don’t want to deal with people’s concern right now, it’ll make me think about it more and get even more stressed. I was so disoriented this morning in the bathroom that I spent at least 5 minutes searching for my toothbrush even though I was holding it in my left hand.

I hear my phone vibrating as I’m watching TV. I don’t answer because the caller ID tells me Stacey is calling. My phone vibrates again. I decide to answer it and before I can tell Stacey I’m a little busy, she speaks rapidly, “I messaged him. It’s been two minutes and he still hasn’t replied. What should I do? What should I do?”

It takes great restraint to tell her that I don’t give a shit. I’d feel this way even if I weren’t worrying about Sonali. Stacey made an account on some dating site last month and has constantly been pestering me for advice by asking questions like: “What should my display picture be? That one from work or from when I was in Cuba?” or “What should I put in About Me? Can you write it? You know me so well.”

I take a deep breath before answering, “Stacey listen to yourself. Two minutes?”

“I wouldn’t expect such a quick reply but he clicked like on one my pictures like five minutes ago and I don’t know why he’s taking so long to reply. It’s been three minutes!”

“Just be patient. I have to go now. I’m busy with something.”

Even if this guy replies to Stacey and they start talking and then meet up and then start dating, there’s a strong chance that he’ll be an asshole because that’s the type that traps her. I first started talking to Stacey a few years ago in college on Valentine’s Day. I remember her telling me: “Your girlfriend is so lucky. You actually gave her roses and a really sweet card. My boyfriend didn’t even remember what today was.”

Issac Newton quotes

Issac Newton quotes

Sir Isaac Newton (January 4, 1643 – March 31 1727) was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, inventor, theologian and natural philosopher. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution. Issac Newton is most famous for discovering the Laws of Gravity. Below is a collection of quotes by Sir Issac Newton.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

How to take care of your silver jewelry

How to take care of your silver jewelry

Gold has been over rated as a medium for ornaments for way too long. It has probably been coveted more as a status symbol, rather than aesthetics alone. Women with more earthy, natural and individual tastes have , however, found silver to be a preferred medium to express their style.
Sterling silver is highly malleable and easy to carve and engrave. So it has been put to varied uses down the centuries; people in ancient Byzantine, Egypt and the Indian sub continent have used it for utensils, armour, royal effects and of course, fine jewelry. It has been believed to have medicinal values too.
Today, Mexico and Peru are the highest producing sterling silver mines in the world. The only problem with Sterling silver jewelry is its tendency to scratch and tarnish over time. Proper care is required to keep it looking beautiful and shiny. Fine silver, in its natural state, is 999/1000 pure. This makes it too soft for molding into products that will retain their shape.. In order for silver to be hard enough to be suitable for arts and crafts, alloying it with other metallic components is required.
Universally, a purity of 92.5 percent is accepted as the purest form of silver fit to be used for jewelry and other products. Silver of this purity is known as sterling silver. Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure fine silver and other metal alloys. But silver is used in many variations.
Vermeil jewelry is sterling silver jewelry electroplated with at least 100 millionths of an inch of carat gold, giving it a gold-look-alike appearance.
Silver plating is when a base metal is covered with a layer of pure silver.
German silver is a silvery-white alloy consisting of copper, zinc and nickel, and has not the remotest relation to silver except the name and appearance.
If you are one of the women who love the calming, moonlight sheen of this ancient metal, you need to know how to keep it from tarnishing and going black.

Silver jewelry or objects which are regularly used seldom tarnish, but
storage for a prolonged time causes silver jewelry to tarnish.
Tarnish is a product of oxidation, caused by the interaction of silver jewelry with certain elements such as oxygen or sulfur as well as with certain acids.
Contact with rubber may cause silver to tarnish due to the sulphur content in rubber..
Taking a medication that changes the acidity of your skin may cause silver jewelry to tarnish.
Be sure to store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place individually in pouches to keep it from environmental harm.
But don’t sweat it if your item becomes tarnished, chances are it’ll happen no matter how careful you are. Just use a polish solution or a polishing cloth to clean the piece.
You may clean your silver in a mild dish washing liquid diluted in water. IMG_5207A IMG_5218 IMG_5252 IMG_5270

But remember to thoroughly dry your silver jewelry with a soft cloth after exposure to water.
 If you are cleaning gemstone and silver jewelry, be careful about minimizing gemstones’ exposure to silver cleaners - cleaners may corrode the softer kinds of gemstones.
 Enjoy your silver jewelry and keep it safe and good to pass down to