You want the have swagger but you d`not to be loud and crazy. You want be noticed for a Subtle coolness that is not loud and barking. You want to differentiate yourself as someone who’s intelligent but not a SQUARE  you do not want to conform to what normal standards of what cool is. You want to break the mold and create a new way of being smart and cool witch is hard to do.

There’s only a few ways to go about this
And you say huh I’m kind of confused
Am I reply to that is don’t worry I’m going to show you the best way
Every single one of us long to be the one who’s able to lead in one way or another to be able to change people’s view points to change their opinion you don’t want to sound too smart but you don’t want to sound too stupid at the same time meaning that you don’t want to be too analytical but you don’t want to be basic
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D`not Be A Square By Being A Square

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Jabari Mason, aka Diamond Axe, began Facemadics in 2005 after exploring black and white, hand-drawn faces inspired by the masked heroes in his favorite childhood cartoons. In school, traditional face masks from New Delhi tribe inspired more creative ideas with new color combinations, meanings, and shapes that can be seen in his Faces of the Future prints and notecards.

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