About Facemadics

Facemadics is an established retail vendor that offers a wide range artistic products and designs that depict the current new age fashion. Facemadics is the future of today’s generational style and has created a number of distinctive category lines that depicts this message, such as the Faces of Future line that instills and gravitates towards the future of graphic design photography while showing reverence to the past. Facemadics is art that spawns innovation and empowerment to change current social standards. Facemadics defines a new standard, one that is a true voice and precedent for today’s generation.
Jabari Mason AKA Diamond Axe was born Stanley C. Mason, in Johnston, PA. He has evolved to, Jabari (meaning brave). He is the President of Facemadics and a Creative Businessman selling items such as note cards, earrings and tee shirts.The Innovae images you will get the pleasure of veiwing are all images of original paintings,paper collages,drawings and  photographs created by him. He is also an active force in the community as an activist and is a core member of Kuumba. His true passion is for the up-liftment of African Americans and all oppressed people world wide.