Things I’ve Lost In The Fire Fire Fire

Things I’ve Lost In The Fire Fire Fire

One of my favorite songs. And definitely my favorite band. And my favorite wolf. And my favorite car.
The things I’ve lost
In the fire of time
Are too many to be counted,
But what I miss the most
About this chaos of ashes,
Is, to what they once amounted.Hello, Blogosphere! It feels absolutely wonderful to be back!

I’m writing a post after two months, and wow, have I not missed WordPress. Although I was really busy– finals, crying about my French exam (which was awful, by the way; I seriously think I might flunk 11th because of one stupid, stupid subject. No offense to anyone, but I suck at French, and that’s why I do not like it. At all), taking care of my mother (I don’t know what it is about doctors that they just refuse to accept that they can put down their superhero cape and be human patients for a while), and… Art.
Most of my Art, as of yet, is Bastille-centric. Bastille is my favorite band, and I would sell my soul to the devil to run my fingers through the vocalist’s hair.

Source: Tumblr
That smile. Those eyes. The hair. You know what? I’m in love.So I’ll share a few more that are good enough to be shared (the rest are just a mess of scrawls; you’d think I stuck dead ants onto there)–

This is the cover of the diary in which I write my Bastille fanfiction in. Mwuahahaha.

Some others, because, who doesn’t love variety?

Has anyone read the Mara Dyer trilogy? It's just so.. so.. good.


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