Brewing Words-A reflection

A journey to find myself in the vortex of life

The Green Master

The greens spiraled to protect the green life, the little worm hosting int he castle of leaves, the pinkish flowers it’s abode, eyes so bright, the sky covered itself with grey clouds, painters stumbled for the right mix to create it again on a canvas, such was the beauty of this slender, lovely caterpillar munching on the green tough leaves, a beauty the nature beholds every single time to tell us to look and not merely see around, coz there is beauty in everything, it might have been hidden, lost or forgotten yet there it is amidst us, awaiting to be explored, awaiting to be loved, awaiting to be appreciated.

It was a moody evening when I found this silently , loftily crawling at the rate of light years from a point to another, I pondered as to how these worms find their way to second floor garden, the grey clouds were turning black, black must be an angry blush in the world of skies, the breeze howling yet the green master never moved, I hesitantly touched it’s back legs so many,I stammered to count for those were hidden in the castle of leaves,the body is smooth, good and no where near to gross, coz that’s the power of colors, with vibrant colors splashed over it’s body, I guessed it to be a caterpillar ready to cocoon itself in to transform into a beautiful butterfly.

“Stop touching the insects, you might get an allergy!” that is my mom who is terrified with my love for bugs, it is I who handle lizards(I mean shoo them off), I catch grasshoppers, I dream of touching a snake and have had moths as my pets, I had even googled for the food the insects love to have, sugary sweet things was the results, I can sit in front of an anthill tracing their paths, their building of the sand castles and just be amazed the way they do it!.

Al in all I’m weird and my brother strikes me off the girl category, sometimes he says I have skipped stages in my life for I don’t fear for rats or insects, nor do I believe in the concept of love forever!!Now sorry for the de-tour.

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Hail to the green master:)