T2training’s Mission is a three step process, which stars from grass-root level (students) and reach to the planned productive workforce (better qualified professionals). This whole process can be tabulated below;

Step-1 Talent Hunting and Recognition in Schools

Step-2 Guiding the Students and teachers about effective and efficient learning

Step-3 Lecturing and Organizing Seminars in colleges

We believe in the building strong and sustainable foundation as we have strong belief in that a good building of career rests on the strong foundation of education of students. Here we provide a platform to get recognition to talent and motivate the interested students to scale the new height of their career, which will be first brick towards their employment in future. We believe in self-sustainable mode of motivation which arises on recognition of own strengths and support of teachers and guardians. Making of great nation lies in timely education and training of the students which government is doing but what is lacking is the direction and motivation for the poor but talented students. Recognizing and motivating students is the best way to catch a fire for future.


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