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Stand Inside Belief

Posted on May 11, 2016



Guest Photographer
#4 Riccardo Cuppini, Rome Italy

I believe
I believe
I believe
– Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

He Promised by Anew(Duo) (support the underground, buy on itunes)

Stand Inside Belief

written & edited by
Kendall F. Person


When Dorothy was swept into the land of Oz, she became a folk hero, by defeating the wicked witch of the west, saving all of her new friends from certain death in the process. While Oz was in celebration, Dorothy was blue. She had no desire to be the kingdom’s new ruler, all she wanted, all she ever wanted was to go home. As it turned out, after all that she had been through, Dorothy held the power to go home all along. All she had to do was believe.

There exists a reality that we cannot control. In the game of life, chance plays a spoiler role. But living our lives under the constraints of a possibility, no matter how remote, that something will happen, that will change our lives for the better or worse, is unproductive at best. We believe our prayers will find answers, but do not trust the answer when it appears.  We believe if we say it often enough, but never take steps to do it, our talk of turning pro will be true, Afraid to look inside, for the fear of failing outweighs the thrill of trying.  We stand on high ground (still underneath the sky)  believing society has fallen into decay, yet refusing to include ourselves as a part of the process, in the downfall or solution.

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