State of Euphoria

State of Euphoria

I’ve been on an emotional high for the past month or so. It started on my birthday and has continued up to today. I got so many calls and texts and even one card telling me how special I was to the people in my life. It was a great reminder because I had begun to feel alone in the world.

All the excitement and positive feelings have kept me from writing, but I’m a creative and I have to get my emotions (good or bad) out in some way. So I’ve turned to drawing. Sketching was something I did for fun as a kid. It was never serious. Most times I didn’t even know I was doing it. I just doodled because it was fun, but I put my pencil down once I started to get some criticism.

I didn’t know how to take the negative comments. I just figured I couldn’t draw as well as I had originally thought. Instead of improving my work or trying harder, I gave up on it altogether.

Now, here I am twenty years later sketching on acid free paper. It’s been fun and I’ve found so many tutorials to help me improve. The criticism I’ve gotten so far has been helpful, not discouraging. Mostly I feel like I have found happiness within this hobby. I go home everyday and pick up a pencil to start a new picture. It feels amazing.

Everyone should have something they feel passionately about. Not all of us are lucky enough to work in a field that makes our hearts jump, but that doesn’t mean we can’t engage in something like that during our free time.