No More Goals

Black woman at the beach

I was reading an article on All The Many Layers the other day that talked about how goal setting may not be for everyone. It got me thinking about my own experiences with goal setting and whether it has been successful for me.

I usually set goals in December and check them every three to six months to see what I still need to do. I’ve kept them all in the same document since 2012 and crossed out what I accomplished each year. It helped me map out what I wanted to do, and I never questioned how effective that kind of list really was for my lifestyle.

This year I’ve accomplished so many things – traveled to three cities I’d never seen before, made ammends with family members I’d been fueding with, learned how to communicate effectively, gained a new level of confidence and self-esteem, got a promotion and a raise – but none of these were the goals that I wrote down at the end of last year. They were just things that I thought I needed to do or change, and so I did. It was something that happened naturally because it was neccessary.

I feel like life is constantly evolving. People I’ve known for years are changing right in front of my face. The world is always moving forward, and, if I want to keep up, I must do the same. I’m not sure if I’m more self-motivated than anyone else, but I do know how to listen to myself. I want to take in life’s experiences, not plan them.