Me and my Laptop: A Love Story

This is where the second part of why my research is important, at least to me, comes in.  Back in the old days, computer science and biological science were separate fields with little in common.  Of course, that’s drastically changed with the shifts that biological science has taken towards doing molecular work.  Biological studies can generate so much data, especially using DNA sequences, that there’s no way to handle the volume except by computer.  Ecological fields have also benefited from computers, which can help us link geography to years of study data more easily than ever.  With computers, we can tackle problems and answer questions that couldn’t be answered just thirty years ago.

I want to work at the interface of computers and biology, so this project is important to me, personally, because it brings me closer to that goal.  I’ve learned so much from Andrew and my other collaborators about how we manage biological data and what we can glean from it.


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