Facemadics exists to create and sell unique stationery, photographs, and hand-made prints by Western Pennsylvania artist, Jabari (Stanley) Mason. Jabari’s  art shares messages of a generational outlook, and strives to show reverence to a cultural past. He explores his ideas using bold colors in cut paper collage, acrylic paints, marker strokes, and photo editing technology.


The Faces of Facemadics


The Mayor’s Daughter

May 9, 2016

The Mayor’s Daughter

There is an old building over the hills, I call it my home. If you want to see me, then hop over the bushes and skid through the gravel, spare the snails along the way, if it rains, don’t usher yourself under the trees, take your time to drench. Smile at the kids playing under the huge banana leaves, ask them the way to the only bookstore in the small town. They might look suspicious with just their pajama and a cotton vest with little drops of water falling from their glowing faces. Believe them for that is your only choice.

When it starts to drizzle, take out your camera and capture the dew-drops on my favourite lilies on the way. Maybe look back quite often, there will be some vehicles that might pass you with a swish, they will the bicycles from the nearby station. By the way, if you happen to meet the post man with his customary brown uniform and brown hat, heaving and blabbering about the state of his parcel. Follow him. He is coming to me.

The kids with you might be a bit clingy, you are new to the place but they are adorable with hearts so pure, while on your way, if you find a bicycle leaned to the barricade, spare not a thought, that is mine and the mansion that you see is of the Mayor’s. Well, the cycle is yours until you reach me but you might prefer to walk the countryside, not all roads are paved. Kiss the kids a good-bye, they have reached their home, the lane where all the houses are alike is their gift from the Mayor. No, they wouldn’t just leave, they will follow you until you reach me. I have something to give them, definitely not the chocolates.

Ask them my name and they will show you the path, to the bookstore up the hill, the only bookstore in the small town of Farma. Deny them your company and they will sulk for a while, so come anyway. Pick the stones sabotaging the path, those are meant for you to trip. Now spare the kids for they seem to hate you, come anyway with them.

When you reach the roads that is paved only for the few, you will instantly know which. THey are planted with the white lilies, a beautiful curve and a stoney path uphill, you might loose your breath but the walk is worth the landscape.

The clouds are so near that you can touch their fluffy cottons, the fog might blind you but everything is worth it. The petrichor and the chirps make you feel alive while the slimey snails makes you want to jump. Dare not step on any of them, they are precious. Finally when you inhale the divine air and sink into the lush greens sprawled around you, step left to the fountain of sparkling waters, there under the shade of the huge banyan tree you will find a old rusty structure, made of red tiles and wet bricks, green mosses growing all over it, a heaven on earth I call it.

There is no door, you can come in, don’t gasp at the collection of my books, they range from all the genres of literature and for all spanning ages. At one corner, facing to the east, if you see a beautiful girl rummaging through the books for her lost locket, speak to her, she is not me but the Mayor’s daughter. At the far end, there is a huge chair towering my height and I sit in there, knees close to my heart, with glasses that is big for my face. I read my favorite novel, you would have never heard of the book though. Well that’s me. I won’t get up to welcome you, I am stranded for a lifetime, you gape there standing while I distribute the story books to the kids. Yes that’s me, in the white sweat shirt and a blue jeans on the black wheelchair.

Come over to hand me that recommendation letter, I will see if you can be my librarian. And I call this my home, I’m the second daughter of the Mayor of the small town Farma, a devout reader

Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg – Fine Art/Architectural Photography

Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg – Fine Art/Architectural Photography

Moretti Tiger
Marienplatz, Munich, Germany
Moretti Tiger
Marienplatz, Munich, Germany


Fine Art & Architectural Photographer Arnd Gottschalk is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these  images.   To see Arnd’s galleries of photographs click on any imag

Where Have I Been?


Let’s be honest, I’ve been lagging on the blog lately and I apologise profusely for that. Let me explain what’s been going down since I last posted a proper article.

I made some friends.

Not that drastic, is it? Nothing incredible, right? It’s something every normal eighteen year old does, they make friends.

Except, I’m not very good with balance and having friends that actually want to hang around with me really throws me off of my everyday schedule. I can just about cope with everything I pile on myself with the blog, my YouTube, my job, my boyfriend and my family along with doing all those things you gotta do to be a good human like shower and stay hydrated. So having friends has kind of turned my world upside down. Not in a bad way just… I’m easily distracted.

I get caught up in a social life and I completely lose sight of what I want out of life, I forget to work hard I just end up messing about and not exactly wasting my time because I’m having fun but I haven’t been productive in a while and it’s getting the better of me.

But I’m back now and in a month, I’m heading to Spain for five weeks so that I can concentrate on my writing away from everything and everyone. I’m picking up where I left off which is good, we all have breaks, right?


The people I have befriended are great and I love them dearly, they are incredible, talented and hilarious, they add a little light to my life. Unfortunately, this makes it that bit easier to be drawn away from what’s important to me, my writing. It’s been so simple to just put off my responsibilities to hang out with these people because it’s so entertaining but again, I keep slacking and I’m struggling to find a balance between my social life and my hobbies.

I know this is no excuse for not grafting hard but this is the reason I haven’t been so present recently and I am sorry for that. You see, when I was younger, I was that weird chubby girl that collected spiders and teased her hair too much whilst painting her eyes in liner so as you can probably tell, I wasn’t someone everybody was rushing to be friends with. Now that I’ve grown up and my eyebrows are in better shape, I’m a little more approachable and whilst this is great, I also get in way over my head. I end up putting everything else in the backseat and in the process, I lost my freaking mind. I try very hard to be liked and make people laugh just because I’ve never had a lot of friends and this is no fun for anyone. I’ve put so much effort into that and forgotten how much I need to write to feel okay, it’s like a little release for me. Some people have alcohol, some have exercise, I have my writing. My motivation went down and I feel as though I’ve failed myself by getting distracted and I shouldn’t have because it should be really easy to have friends but I don’t find it easy, in fact, I find it exhausting. It’s exhausting to pull myself away from them because I worry that they’ll think I’m neglecting them and if I don’t spend enough time with them, then maybe they won’t want me around when I have got myself back on track. But it’s not that, I’m just useless and tend to focus on one thing at a time.

So now I’m trying to draw my focus back to my blog rather than being unproductive and worrying about how far behind I’m falling. I will find equilibrium eventually, just bear with me.

Reflecting on a series

Reflecting on a series


6 Mixed media pieces on heavy stock colour paper coated with polyurethane.

Haven’t got any big pieces in process currently, so I thought it might be nice to review a series that was inspired by the fall, leaves and water. The part I am most proud of  was staying within the original idea yet having different looks. Schooled and practiced painters may find this second nature, for myself it was a challenge. The first in this series is the one on the top right, and the last was a bit of a cop-out by just going black and white. I have displayed them as a unit/series once and it felt good. Each has a story as to why it is different from the last, maybe at a one man show I might get an opportunity to bore someone… 😉   As a normal course  of artistic creativity I tend to jump around a lot, which keeps me from being bored and juices flowing, but at some point I want to explore where some pieces might lead me. We may never create the next world’s masterpiece but if we don’t stretch with the creative spark we achieve, how will we know what is possible? Curious how others feel about this, feel free.