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Facemadics exists to create and sell unique stationery, photographs, and hand-made prints by Western Pennsylvania artist, Jabari (Stanley) Mason. Jabari’s  art shares messages of a generational outlook, and strives to show reverence to a cultural past. He explores his ideas using bold colors in cut paper collage, acrylic paints, marker strokes, and photo editing technology.

The Faces of Facemadics


Facemadics offers impressions of a new-age graphic style, precedent and truthful voice of today’s brave generation.


 Facemadics exists to create and sell unique stationery, photographs, and hand-made prints



Jabari Mason, aka Diamond Axe, began Facemadics in 2005 after exploring black and white, hand-drawn faces inspired by the masked heroes in his favorite childhood cartoons. In school, traditional face masks from New Delhi tribe inspired more creative ideas with new color combinations, meanings, and shapes that can be seen in his Faces of the Future prints and notecards.

Using strong lines and bold colors, Jabari expresses an entirely unique style of modern energy in all his pieces.  He currently works out of Pittsburgh’s Tech Shop in Bakery Square.


Acrylic Paint and Crayon on Canvas, 16” x 20”, 2015

***Not Available For Purchase***

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About This Work:

This work was inspired by a short story of the same name, written by none other than my beautiful girlfriend.  In the tale she created, the two main characters were a little girl representing the epitome of childhood innocence, and her pet clownfish whom she loved dearly.  As one of her best friends growing up, the tiny clownfish was treated like royalty by the young girl eager to express her love and joy in having such a wonderful pet.  The girl even celebrated her fish’s birthdays by taping a balloon to his tank, as depicted in my painting.  I created the light yellow background of the piece with crayon to give it a more childish air, and then proceeded to paint the main subject seemingly floating in the middle of some brightly colored abyss.  The reason for my doing this is that I did not want the fish tank to be located in any definitive space.  I wanted to leave the surroundings up to the viewer’s imagination, so that it could either be resting on a platform or being carried away by some strong breeze.  As for the significance of the title being “Anvils,” well it would just ruin the story if I gave that away wouldn’t it?

The Fiery Fall

The Fiery Falls

Flow, flow, I say!

Let the water rush!

Let it gush!

Rage away!

Trash the harsh stones.

Shape them like they are your own.

Surge though the crevasses.

Nudge the passes.

Purge the furrow.

Run like there is no tomorrow.

Today is your day.

Leave the fears at bay.

Leap over the horizon.

Like a soul reborn.

Late 19th

oil on canvas, 16in x 20in
Do you think there are soul places where art has no need to be shared? I don’t know, I do think some artists create work for themselves only and I respect that. Most […]
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